Designed by two Dutch kite fliers in 1996, the circoflex makes quite a statement in the sky. To get our version to fly was a mission; so much so that it came close to being binned. Ultimately, it was a small adjustment to the trailing edge that turned it into a consistent performer.
More Unusual Kites
We saw this Mike Mosman designed kite at Seaside 2004 and Rosemary just had to make one. Mike kindly sent us his plan. Good light wind kite but it does not like turbulence.
An Italian design that Rosemary just had to make.
Tichi Tako
Kite Baskets
Shooting Stars
This kite train is designed by Masami Takkuwa and is posted on the JKA website. They are made of bamboo and mylar or plastic. The bridles are set to make the kites unstable and hence shooting stars.
Good light wind kite.
Designed by Rene Maier and made by Rosemary at NZKA workshop.
Our latest very light weight version of the circoflex flew perfectly on its maiden flight. We obviously learnt something from our first circoflex.