NZ Herald Back Page Photo Essay
Herald photographer, Alan Gibson, approached us at Fergusson Park, Tauranga to see if we would be part of a photo essay. We were photographed in our workshop and at Fergusson Park.
These are a few of those special moments/events that have occurred as a result of our kite making and flying
around New Zealand and the world.
Our Special Moments in Kiting 4
For nearly 20 yrs we have wanted to capture the Rotorua story of Hinemoa and Tutanekai on a kite. A few days ago I finished a “better” dellaporta that used a compilation of 2 pages from Peter Gossage’s childrens book on “Hinemoa and Tutanekai” to tell the story.
The story of Hinemoa and Tutanekai is part of the history of Owhata Marae in Rotorua.

A quick visit to Hinemoa Point confirmed there was a very narrow area on the lake edge where we could fly the kite in a southerly breeze with Mokaia Island in the background.

We met with the Marae ladies and showed them the kite. It was agreed that the new kite could have its first flight by the lake edge in front of the Marae.

The kite went up first time and flew well even though wind direction was variable. A class from a local Intermediate School sang a Waiata as the kite soared over the historical location of the iconic love story.