More Legend Kites
*In the Beginning - telling the legend of the Maori gods. The kites were originally small dellaportas joined to form a stack, but they were a pain to fly. Now the graphics are included in 2 larger dellaports. Two graphics by Rosemary and the rest done by Ray.
*Pania of the Reef - tells the legend of Hawkes Bay's Pania of the Reef. A dellaporta kite using a compilation of two drawings in the book. Made by Ray.
*Rona and the Moon - tells the legend of the "man in the moon" except in this version it is a lady, Rona. The kite is a full sized Block of Flats delta made
by Ray.
*Hinemoa & Tutanekai - Rotorua based Maori love story on a dellaporta made by Ray.