Below - Mt Ngauruhoe from Desert Rd
Many times we have driven across the Desert Rd on our way to kite events and said we must get a photo of a kite in front of the mountains. Eventually the perfect day arrived - clear sky, snow on mountains and wind from the right direction. Rosemary is flying Ra, a mock foil.
These photos are of a single kite flown over a landscape that is amazing or of some other significance to the McCullys.
Kites on the Landscape
Left - Rotorua Lakefront Installation
In the spring of 2015 there was an installation at the Rotorua Lakefront that seemed to be just made for flying a strategically placed poppy kite.
Due to the many trees upwind it was quite a mission to get the kite exactly where we wanted it.

Above - Ngauruhoe in front of Mt Ngauruhoe
This was taken prior to one of the annual New Years Day kite days on the golf course in front of the Chateau at the base of Mt Ruapehu. This is the original version of the Ngauruhoe delta - a few years later we replaced the drogue with an organza tail.
Right - Ra at The Gardens, Binalong, Tasmania
In 2015, on our fourth trip to the Binalong kite retreat we finally drove to the end of the road that goes to The Gardens. Again there were the wonderful rock formations that just begged to be photographed with a kite.