Kinetic Kite - first ripstop version
In the summer of 2001 Rosemary saw the new Kinetic kite (by Yukio Akiyama) plans on the JKA website. It was made of bamboo and paper but Rosemary thought she could make it of ripstop and dowel. Not being sure of success it was made with random scraps. After a bit of tuning it flew beautifully in a light & steady breeze.
Photos were sent to Masami Takakuwa of the JPA website and he believed it was the first ever ripstop version and he really wanted to have the original kinetic kite, not Rosemary's second kinetic, the rainbow version. Rosemary swapped the original for a
rokkaku. Photos below show original flying in Rotorua, and also in Japan with Yukio Akiyama flying a paper version alongside. There are now many ripstop kinetic type kites around the world.
Kinetic and Poppy Kites
Poppy Kite
Ray has come to appreciate recently just how much of an impact the loss of his two grandfathers to the consequences of WW1 injuries has had on his family. Knowing we had a youth organised ANZAC Kite Festival in 2015 and with 100 years since WW1 it seemed reasonable to remember his grandfathers through kites.
We had seen the poppy kite (by Alain Micquiax at ) in photos from Dieppe and thought they would be a nice way to remember his grandfathers. Having made a
Tichi Tako in 2006 we could see how to make replicas of the poppy kite.
The three poppy kites are in memory of Alexander McCully and William Carter who both died following WW1 and Ray's stepgrandfather Hector Aekins who served in WW1.