Kite making and flying is a hobby for us and we enjoy socialising with other kite fliers at events around New Zealand. Meeting and talking with spectators who are watching our kite display at events or when we fly by ourselves, is always a lovely way to spend an afternoon.
We also recognise that we are able to raise community kite events and school kite programs to a whole new level with the kites that we have made. When asked, we put on school presentations and take part in council/community organisation's kite days.
Note: For most out of Rotorua region events we do expect our out of pocket expenses to be paid, typically, they are petrol, and depending on distance a meal and if necessary accommodation.
We can be contacted by email at
Community Activities
School Presentations
We do not run kite making workshops for children. Contact Julie Adams at for workshops. We will consider workshops for teachers.
We do a 45 minute presentation (show and tell) on types of kites, light and strong wind kites, unusual kites, etc. We have presented to a single class and on one occasion a whole school. It is best if schools are split into junior and senior as it is too hard to target the information at a level for a whole school. Wind and venue permitting we then put on a kite display.

Council/Organisation Kite Days
These can range from family kite days where we provide the background display and the large kites in the sky that pull the spectators in; to providing a visual backdrop to some other activity such as a business Christmas picnic.
While we have some large inflatable kites, our specialty is art kites, so we can try and arrange for other kitefliers with large inflatables to participate. See Kite Event Planning.

Flying in Rotorua
We no longer fly for fun in Rotorua as the only suitable venue is being redeveloped into an area of trees and gardens. As the only art and large kite fliers in Rotorua we must give way to "progress" as our time flying is going to be limited by our age.