Why kites?

In 1989 our daughters were given a kite which flew very well. Rosemary decided that she would try and make a kite that flew - something she had not been able to do as a child. A box kite and a parafoil were successfully made and flown.

A trip to the USA led to the discovery of some kite shops and the purchase of several kites. On our return we found an Auckland kite shop with a poster on the 1990 Napier International Kite Festival. We attended the festival and found the participants so friendly and helpful that we joined the NZKA and so started our adventure in kiting.

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About Us
When travelling with our kites we often get the opportunity to fly a kite where the background is the hero of the photo. See some of these opportunities at:

Tying our flying lines easily and securely, yet being able to release them after many hours flying is important. See the knot we use at:
Our kite banner that shows special features of New Zealand and Rotorua in particular.
The start of our kiting experiences.
The photo was taken for our local paper after we had come back from our USA visit.
Photo taken at Otaki Beach 2015 organisers and kite fliers dinner on the Sunday.
Rosemary shows a school group the kite that started us on our kiting journey.