Sports fields are not the perfect location especially if they have goal posts or light poles. Variable winds.
If you fly kites enough and you fly them in dubious winds, at less than ideal locations or with public kites flying nearby, you will eventually have an oops moment.
They are typically kites escaping into the distance, tangles with other kites or soft kites coming down on something.
We don't have photos of our oops moments as at the time we are more concerned with the kite rescue.
Maybe these photos of other fliers oops moments will prompt them to send me photos of the McCullys kites in trouble.
Oops Moments in Kiting
An escape with pilot still hopeful of a clean getaway but stingray is house bound. Line cut by public kite.
Names will not be mentioned as the fliers know who they are.
Variable winds at Springvale Park, Wanganui in 2017 meant that a roof landing was always a possibility. Fire brigade to the rescue.
Some oops occur in the making - genetically modified legs are not common.
Two of our double star carbon fibre spars exploded when they hit the ground at speed. Constrained at either end they had no choice but to explode in the middle.
This is why we are careful where we fly our kites.