Matariki 2015 - it was not to be!
Manu Aute Kite Day at Orakei Marae, Bastion Point, Auckland.
Friday preceding the Manu Aute Kite Day the weather was fine, winds strong and awesome new banners were flying in preparation for the main event.

On the morning of the kite day it was very wet and winds were strong and gusty. For some reason the organisers decided to proceed with the days events. As we were under no obligation to fly our kites, we arranged to have lunch with Ray's brother and then get a cultural injection at the Art Gallery.
We started the days visits by going to the Savage Memorial carpark at 10am to "view the kites". We arrived in time to see wet fliers packing away some very wet kites. The Manu Aute Kite Day had finally been cancelled. It was too wet to take photos.
While we were having lunch the rain disappeared and the wind eased slightly.
During our visit to the Art Gallery, invited fliers Craig, Simon and Lyndal from Peter Lynn Kites returned to the field to dry their kites for a couple of hours. Thanks to Craig for the above photo taken in the afternoon.

At about 4pm we called in at the Orakei Marae to see if any fliers were still on the flying field. The weather was again deteriorating rapidly and only Perrin Melchior and Evan More were still there. We recorded our fleeting visit by briefly flying a poppy kite.
On the Sunday we visited the Auckland War Memorial Museum and photographed this replica Manu Aute kite as a reminder of what Saturday was meant to be about.