Kite Event Planning
There are some basic requirements when planning a successful kite event for children only or involving a "professional" kite fliers display as part of the event.
1. VENUE: Kites are affected by turbulence from trees or buildings in the upwind direction. Therefore, the preferred location is a minimum area of about 150m x150m with nothing taller than a single level house around the boundary. Preferred is not always possible so having no tall obstacles upwind of prevailing wind is the bottom line.
3. WHEN: Spring through to autumn is best. Winter is high risk due to weather either being fine & no wind or wet & windy, unless you are lucky and strike the changeover day. Afternoon is generally better for wind but a late morning (11am) start to cover the lunch period is okay.
2. LEGAL ISSUES: You are not allowed to fly within 4 km of an airfield or helicopter base (e.g. rescue helicopters). At all times the maximum height for a kite is 120m. You can apply for an exemption but it is expensive and chances of success are poor.
4. SAFETY: Any power lines on the downwind side of the prevailing wind direction are a significant hazard especially if you intend to have a kite display. The kites involved in a display are a potential hazard with variable or strong winds as they can injure a person if they crash to earth or they can lift a child who gets caught in the tail or bridles. These hazards are generally managed by separating the display kites from the public. If that is not possible then the number of kites flown in the display will be reduced to minimise the risk.
5. DISPLAY KITES: If you think that you would like large show kites and/or an art kite display at your event you need to contact the NZKA as soon as possible as there are many events already planned and only a few fliers who can put on a display.
Make contact with proposed date & venue but before you are committed, to see if venue is suitable and fliers are available.
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6. KITE MAKING: Do not get locked in to making a diamond kite. There are many other easy to make designs that will fly better than a diamond kite. Do an internet search for children's kite plans - a sled is a particularly good flier.
Alternatively, get a kitset from Julie Adams at
See the Community Activities page for the McCully's requirements for participating in kite events that are not organised by the NZKA. Most other display kite fliers have a similar philosophy to us re local events vs out of town events.