McCully's Kites
Ray & Rosemary McCully welcome you to their world of kiting.
We are a retired married couple living in Rotorua, New Zealand.
Our main interests are kite making (not for sale) and flying, contract bridge and travel to NZ kite events and overseas kite festivals. We have also recently taken up exploring NZ bike trails on our E-bikes purchased in Oct 2016.

This website only represents a small portion of both our kites and our kiting activity in the last 20 years when digital photos became available.

Ray is currently secretary/treasurer of the New Zealand Kitefliers Association (NZKA) and plays croquet and table tennis.
NZKA is on Facebook at
NZ Kite Making & Flying
Whats new on the site: March 2023
Photo from Otaki Beach Kite Festival February 2023.

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We don't stop kite flying because we grow old;
we grow old because we stop flying kites.
Things are a changing!
We will have no more kite flying in Rotorua, as "progress" has resulted in our lakefront flying venue becoming a childrens playground, car park and new walkways. 20 yrs of flying at the lakefront ended in December 2019.
A fun fly now involves a 1 hour drive to Fergusson Park Tauranga or down to Taupo.